Who is OU?

OU Junior Ryan Fox

Organizing Time for Campus Organizations

There aren’t many student organizations on the Oakland University campus that junior, Ryan Fox, has not been a part of, attended a meeting or event for, volunteered with, or talked to.

For the 2015-2016 school year, Fox was an active member of five student organizations—president of the German club, member of the gay, straight, alliance, college democrats, students for Bernie Sanders, and legislator and judicial chair for student congress. Along with the responsibilities of each club, he also participates in clean-ups and helps organize other events.

Even in smaller things in the Oakland Center, Fox is there.

“When stuff is going on at fireside, I tend to try to stop by…Whenever there’s a political booth or a table or something going on even if I don’t necessarily agree with it, I tend to stop by and see what they’re doing,” said Fox.

“During the school year I do find myself very, very busy” said Fox. As much involvement as he has on campus, Fox said classes are always the priority. But when he is not in class Fox said “I make time for student orgs. They are all important to me and I try to manage my time effectively.”

The organization that Fox is most thankful he attended would be the college democrats. He credits the organization in setting him down the political career path he is on now.

Oakland University is home to over 200 student organizations and Fox aims to try every club that he can.

“College [has] to be class oriented but you’ve got to make time to live; this is supposed to be an experience. Being involved on campus is where a big part of the opportunities are to live life,” said Fox.


Major: Public administration and public policy major and modern German language and literature major.

Experience: Judicial Chair of OU Student Congress (OUSC), Parliamentarian of OUSC, President of the German Club at OU, Regional Field Organizer for the Dr. Kumar for Congress Campaign, former Treasurer of the College Democrats at OU, and former Vice Chair of the OUSC Accessibility Committee.

Passion: To try to fix every single thing that is wrong with the US government.

Secret pleasure: Watching other people play video games on the internet.

Nobody knows that: I’m agnostic.

I’ve never been able to: Hear very well.

If I could meet anyone I would meet: Probably Barack Obama so I could interrogate him on the secrets he knows. I want to know what he knows. Are there aliens at Roswell?

If I could change I would change: I would make it so I would have super good hearing and super good eyesight.


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