Composing Photography Composition

What to keep in mind when taking and editing photos

Composition is a compilation of elements of photos that will make the photo appealing.

One large aspect to keep in mind when attempting to achieve strong photo composition is the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds requires imagining a nine section grid atop the photos and if the subject falls in the center column, it will not be as appealing. In order to really succeed at the rule of thirds, the subject should hit at least one point of intersection between the horizontal and vertical lines of the grid; horizon lines can also add to the rule of thirds if they are hitting either the top or the bottom horizontal lines.

Another technique is to frame subjects in the photo with other elements in the scene, this gives a photo foreground and a background and makes it more interesting for a viewer.

Some general tips to think about with a camera is to avoid busy backgrounds and find lines in the photo; almost always, lines will strengthen photos. Also, try to always shoot farther in front of subject to show where they are headed, than behind them–this technique can give more context to a photo.

With these things in mind, a photo could achieve very strong composition.


All photo tips taken from the Journalist’s Toolkit.


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